Old dogs, new tricks

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Even an established warehouse can benefit from having an experienced material handling company take a look at their operation. A Colorado-based western apparel distributor has been operating effectively, at its current location since 2003. Effective does not mean stagnant, and their vice president
in charge of distribution, knows that to stay effective, a company needs to constantly be looking at ways to improve its operations.

Since 2009 this customer has challenged Western Storage and Handling (WSH) to develop ideas that will help this company stay effective. Some of these challenges include;

1.)  Finding a supplier of warehouse pallet racks that can supply interchangeable components in special colors. Their original rack manufacturer went out of business. Most manufacturers wanted to charge a hefty up-charge for “special” colors. WSH found a new rack supplier with their colors as a standard option.

2.)  When moving to a new location seemed to be the only way to find the additional storage space needed, WSH supplied ideas (and a pallet rack). After existing levels were adjusted, additional beam levels were added, along with additional bays and end-caps. Storage space has been increased by over 3,500 pallet positions!

3.)  Using equipment systems (and colors) that worked locally, WSH helped configure two smaller-scale facilities. An additional corporate showcase in Colorado, and a distribution center in Las Vegas, NV. WSH was able to secure all permits, cut through all the red tape, and jump through the municipal hoops that were necessary.

4.)  A redesign of the conveyor sortation system and packaging tables to add room for additional employees, and ease the flow of shipments.

5.)  Installed Air Pear destratification units to utilize what would have been lost energy dollars “sitting” in their warehouse ceiling.

6.)  Increased employee safety with the installation of safeguard equipment such as; dock lights, safety guard rail, dock door track protection & pallet rack column protectors.

7.)  Provided a new style of shipping cart (with easily adjustable shelves) to make the constant loading and unloading of products for out of state shows, easier, faster & more cost effective.

Western Storage and Handling can help both start-up and established companies, with
tried and true, and innovative ideas to solve all types of material handling dilemmas. Call our office and ask for a site visit to put our ideas and 200 years of application experience to work for your company.