Warehouse Safety: Top Tips for How to Secure Warehouse Operations

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Warehouse safety is an important part of any warehouse operation. They not only keep employees safe; they secure the premises and help protect assets and inventory from damage, theft, and vandalism. In addition, warehouse security devices are an effective way to secure sensitive data and ensure that only those with clearance can access sensitive materials. 

Maintain the overall health and efficiency of your warehouse operation and prevent financial losses and physical hazards with these important tips from the experts at Western Storage & Handling, LLC.

Improve physical access control to increase warehouse safety

Warehouse security

Securing every entry, exit or other opening in your warehouse is an important part of keeping

 your warehouse safe. Barriers like driver cages and folding security gates can keep drivers, salespeople, and the public from wandering into and through your warehouse. 

Within the warehouse, designating certain areas as restricted zones for storing sensitive materials helps limit access to authorized personnel only. Equipping these enclosures with additional security measures like coded push button entry locks, code readers, and remote-controlled electric latch releases also helps prevent unauthorized access.

We partner with WireCrafters, a leading wire mesh manufacturer, to bring you the strongest and most reliable security partitions out there. Contact us to receive a free security consultation for your warehouse. 

Secure high value inventory to increase warehouse safety

Adding extra security measures specifically for more costly products can be an effective way to secure warehouse facilities. Barriers and enclosures can be used to separate high value inventory from other areas, and can help facilitate a setup that allows only those with certain security clearances to access those materials. 

One innovative approach to separating sensitive materials or concealing restricted areas from public view is to install floor-to-ceiling vinyl security curtains.  These curtains create a barrier effective enough to obscure the view of secure areas from site visitors or third-party vendors. 

Wire panel barriers and curtain barriers are both great options for securing high-value inventory. Need this kind of security at your warehouse? Contact us for a free consultation to see which option is the best solution for you! 

Invest in warehouse security devices such as pallet bay locks, guide rails, and motion sensors

warehouse security

Pallet bay locks provide an additional layer of protection by securing sections of pallet racks. A pallet bay, or pallet unit or pallet section, is a singular pallet rack with two uprights and one beam in between. Pallet bay locks can allow warehouse managers to secure individual sections of a pallet rack, allowing for flexible and targeted security measures. They can be quite effective in preventing internal theft and can also help promote a culture of accountability.  

In addition to safety enclosures and rack protection, guard rails are an important safety feature in any warehouse. They have multiple purposes: They can create defined spaces and walkways to guide foot traffic and prevent employees and others from walking into restricted areas. Guard rails also create safety barriers around machinery like conveyor belts and other hazardous equipment, keeping employees at a safe distance and preventing injuries. 

Learn all the ways you can secure your warehouse and which options are best for your layout and budget by setting up a free consultation with our experienced and friendly experts. Contact us today!

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