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A U.S Defense Contractor asked Western Storage and Handling to help find a way to increase their density of
parts storage, increase security, and minimize the time it takes to perform inventory. Modula VLM storage units were the solution to all of their needs.

By utilizing 4 Modula VLM storage units, the contractor was able to reduce the floor space dedicated to parts storage by over 50%, increase the picking productivity by 40%, and perform inventory in about 25% of the time. Access to the inventory is now controlled so only designated personnel have access to the very expensive and critical parts inventory.

The implementation of the Modula VLM system was closely coordinated with the information technology department and technicians at System Logistics to insure a smooth interface with the existing warehouse management system and the VLM machine controls.

Western Storage and Handling handled all aspects of the project including fire protection system, electrical installation and all necessary permits.