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Workbenches by Industry Application

Western Storage and Handling carries heavy duty industrial workbenches

Industrial workbenches and workbench systems come in a wide-variety of shapes and sizes. At Western Storage and Handling (WSH), we know that finding the correct industrial workbenches for your specific application is foremost on your mind. Whether you need drawers, a steel or wood top, ergonomic handles or customizable compartments, we are your one-stop source for getting what you need.


Industrial workbenches vary from industry application to utilization to body type. What’s right in one function can be inefficient in another. The right workbench assigned to the right task makes for a safe and comfortable working environment and can mean real increases in productivity.

A number of areas that require specific designs of industrial workbench stations include:

  • Customer service – with forward-facing design needing to look good and be presentable.
  • Shipping and receiving – where incoming parts and outgoing products are easy to organize and assemble.
  • Manufacturing and assembly – safety and comfort must be taken into consideration as well as easy organization of supplies and tools.
  • Food preparation – with stainless steel surfaces that are modular and easy to clean.
  • Packaging – so that outgoing products are properly prepared to leave your facility.
  • Laboratory – with worktop surfaces that can withstand harsh chemicals.
  • Mobile – well organized and easy to set up for when you have to travel to projects.


Industrial work bench stations

At Western Storage and Handling our experts understand the importance of identifying the right working height and accessories that will meet your specific business needs – today and in the future.

A number of areas that require specific designs of industrial work stations include:

  • Service areas
  • Shipping and receiving areas
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control
  • Packaging areas

Why choose Western Storage and Handling ?

At WSH, we leverage our more than 200 years of material handling equipment experience to help you create more space, solve safety issues and improve productivity.

In addition we:

  • Represent a wide range of the best manufacturers such as Borroughs, Lista and Republic Brands
  • Have a local inventory of equipment so we can quickly respond to your needs
  • Have deep knowledge of industry codes and guidelines

WSH works with more than 15 industry-leading manufacturers of workbenches, who are as focused on craftsmanship and attention to detail as we are. This results in products that offer you superior durability, configurability, mobility and quality.

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