Mezzanine Floor Systems

Custom Designed Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Systems

Mezzanine work platforms

Custom designed warehouse mezzanine floor systems or mezzanine work platforms can expand your storage space, not your building. Therefore you can improve on your existing space by building up. Mezzanine floor systems and work platforms are an easy, effective and affordable solution for adding more space. Also you can add office or manufacturing space to your existing facility.
Western Storage and Handling (WSH) custom designs and builds to fit so you can add one or more mezzanine floors to your existing area. Furthermore our experts meet all building codes and can double or even triple your current space.


Double — or even triple — your existing space without expansion with steel mezzanines.

They can also help you to:

  • Improve inventory management
  • Offset rising space costs
  • Eliminate leased space
  • Qualify for accelerated tax depreciation
  • Expand to meet growth needs
  • Save on insurance premiums
  • Streamline logistics
  • Reduce building maintenance
  • Save land acquisition costs
  • Save energy costs
  • Customize space to fit your needs
  • Save on property taxes

Custom designed steel mezzanine floor systems

Expand the use of your existing space using custom designed steel mezzanine floor systems and/or work platforms. WSH uses high quality, state-of-the-art Cubic Designs and Borroughs products. So you can be sure that you’re getting the top of the line. Also we have a strong track record of success helping clients throughout the Rocky Mountain Region, which includes Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

Our experienced, highly trained staff will work closely with you to ensure that:

  • All building codes are met
  • The floor surface the mezzanine is mounted to will support the loaded system
  • Projects will be completed on time

Variety of uses for WAREHOUSE mezzanines

Steel mezzanines can be used for a wide variety of needs including:

  • Product storage
  • Manufacturing space
  • Automotive parts storage
  • Processing
  • Work platforms
  • Office space
  • Warehouse
  • Record and archive storage
    Overstock storage
  • Lunchrooms

Types of warehouse mezzanine systems

Steel mezzanine systems also can be customized to fit into just about any area of your facility. Furthermore all mezzanines are engineered and designed to meet IBC, OSHA and other building codes. Depending on your application, they can be:
Freestanding Mezzanines
A freestanding mezzanine is supported by structural columns. These columns allow for maximum use of floor level space or even on a pre-existing or newly-installed mezzanine. Also this mezzanine type allows for a great deal of design flexibility to meet your needs.

Rack or Shelving Supported Mezzanines
Rack or shelving supported mezzanines use standing shelving or racks as the support structure. For example, a deck-over unit could be constructed allowing for an open space on top of easily-accessible storage. Or, for an even more high-density storage need, a second story of shelving can be build on top of lower level storage.

Catwalk Style Mezzanines
Catwalk style mezzanines increase your shelving or rack storage area capacity. More important with them you get increased access to your vertical space. Existing or new shelving uprights provide the support framing. If this is inadequate, cubic columns are used as needed.

Right Fit Every Time
To ensure the right fit, we take the time to discuss your specific needs. We will make recommendations and perform exact measurements at your site. Our expert will come to your facility in Colorado, Wyoming or Nebraska.