Best ways to make efficiency upgrades at your warehouse

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Investing in efficiency upgrades for your warehouse is not only beneficial for the warehouse itself, but also for the overall success of your business. They are essential for cost savings, improved productivity, and improved safety, creating a secure operation that prioritizes customer satisfaction. 

We’re proud to offer many options for making your warehouse operation more efficient. Here are just a few products we at WSH offer and how they can make a difference in growing and supporting your business. 

Warehouse efficiency upgrade: Automated storage systems

Vidir Tire Carousel, Efficiency Upgrades, secure operation, WSH, Western Storage and Handling, warehouse operationAutomated storage systems, such as VLM, VRC, and Pallet Mole, offer several advantages for making efficiency upgrades in a warehouse. At a basic level, automated systems reduce the amount of time it takes for staff to locate and pick items manually. The system makes item retrieval fast and accurate, improving overall productivity and order fulfillment speed. In addition, they can maximize vertical space, allowing for greater storage capacity without the need for additional floor space. These systems also greatly reduce the amount of shrink or inventory loss from possibly picking the incorrect item(s) to fulfill orders, and/or from potential employee theft. Automated storage systems can also make warehouse operations safer by minimizing the need for workers to retrieve items from high or potentially hazardous areas.

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Warehouse efficiency upgrade: Conveyor systems

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Like automated storage systems, conveyor systems are another great choice for streamlining material handling and saving time. Conveyor belts and systems transport goods fast and consistently, minimizing manual labor for moving goods around the warehouse and allowing an operation to process and fulfill orders more quickly. Conveyor systems are a solid choice for businesses that need to meet customer demands more efficiently, and they go a long way in minimizing errors and time and creating a reliable and cost-effective system. Through our brand partnerships, WSH is proud suppliers of Concentric Storage System, Conveyor Solutions, Hytrol Parts.

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Warehouse efficiency upgrade: Drum handling equipment 

When it comes to moving and lifting large and heavy drums and barrels safely, drum handling equipment is a must. But it doesn’t only create a safer work environment: Drum handling equipment is the best way to streamline lifting, moving, and manipulating heavy drums, especially if they contain toxic or hazardous materials. The equipment is able to move more quickly than staff using physical labor and can reduce the physical fatigue and strain these items typically cause. WSH staff are certified Morse Drum Specialists!

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Warehouse efficiency upgrade: Pallet rack systems

Pallet rack systems offer managers a fast and effective solution for making warehouse operations more efficient. WSH offers top-of-the-line pallet rack systems from Speedrack at our Denver warehouse – in stock and available to deliver anywhere along the Front Range within 24-48 hours! Give us a call to learn more. 

There are so many ways pallet rack systems make a warehouse operation more efficient. They help store materials vertically and have built-in systems for creating the most efficient workflows for retrieving products. Pallet racks increase organization by organizing inventory in a structured and easy-to-follow manner. They are also designed to provide easy access to stored goods and work to facilitate smooth, optimized workflows. 

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Want to know what options are best for your specific warehouse?

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