Growing Pains Cause Move to Larger Facility in Denver CO for WSH

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Western Storage and Handling Get’s a New Location

WHS Get’s a New Location. On March 31, 2015, Western Storage and Handling (WSH) officially moved into its new location at 1630 West Evans Avenue Unit L, Denver, CO 80110. The new facility, about five blocks from the company’s previous Englewood, CO, location, is more than double the space of Western’s old building.

WHS Western Storage and Handling WHS Moved Denver, CO Storage and Handling

Western Storage and Handling has moved to 1630 West Evans Avenue Unit L, Denver, CO 80110

“We were definitely out of space in our old warehouse,” says Western Storage and Handling President Harry Neumann. “Not only did we not have any storage room, but we were also out of office space and unable to grow our staff.”

The company had been looking to add a salesperson and marketing employee but was handicapped by the size of their facility. Neumann began searching for a location that would accommodate WSH’s growing needs and also allow them to continue to grow into the future. After about a year of searching, Neumann found the West Evans Avenue location.

WHS Western Storage and Handling WHS Moved Denver, CO Storage and Handling

Double the space of our old building – maximized storage space!

“The deal came together in about 45 days,” says Neumann. “The warehouse is more than twice as big. We went from 4,900 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft.”

Expanding Space and Becoming a Distribution Center

Not only did WSH double its warehouse space but the new facility also comes with 10,000 sq. ft. of fenced yard for outside storage. This newly found outdoor storage allows WSH to explore some used equipment opportunities that would have been impossible in the company’s old location. And used equipment isn’t the only new business opportunity that the new warehouse has made possible.

“It [the larger facility] will give us the ability to continue to grow our core business and also broaden our business model by becoming a distribution center for a couple of our key suppliers,” Neumann says.

While the company has been in the Denver location for less than a month, the new facility is already drawing rave reviews.  “We’ve had some suppliers visit the new building and they’re very excited to see what we’re doing here,” says Neumann.

And with the additional office space now available, Western is continuing to expand its staff to keep pace with its growing business opportunities.

Western Storage and Handling is located at 1630 West Evans Avenue Unit L, Denver, CO 80110, and on the web at

For more information, call 303-937-8376 or contact us.