Bulk Mail Distribution Center Case Study

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The new, all-purpose, container unloaders. Customized to accommodate the specific needs of the bulk mail distribution center.

The Client
For this project, our client was a large, regional bulk mail distribution center located in Denver. This highly mechanized processing plant distributes a very large volume of mail and packages. It’s a fast-moving environment accommodating a number of employees, intensely sophisticated machinery, and a timeline that cannot, under any circumstances, be compromised.

The Need
The facility needed 14 new, all-purpose, container unloaders to be installed – a significant upgrade from the five currently in use.

Western Storage and Handling worked with Southworth Products Corp to design these special use lifts to accommodate the specific needs of the bulk mail distribution center.

Southworth is the world’s largest manufacturer of ergonomic materials handling equipment for vertical lifting and work positioning, designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for worker injuries. Whether you’re lifting and positioning work, handling pallets, working with parts in containers, or transporting loads, Southworth has a way to make the job faster, safer and easier.

The Challenge
Time was the real challenge. In mail and package distribution, speed is everything and nothing should come in the way of a piece of mail or a package and its estimated time of arrival to the final destination.

bulk mail distribution, Western Storage, Southworth Products Corp, lifts,

The unloaders lift to deposit mail and packages on a moving conveyer belt.

In the past when the five previous unloaders were installed through a different storage and handling company, it took a week to install each lift. A timeline the client was unwilling to accept. Ideally, the 14 unloaders would be completely installed and operational in just one week. A daunting task in the best of circumstances and one that would require all parts of the team to be working at their best.

In total, the installation would need to coordinate delivery and unloading of all 14 unloader lifts, anchored into an anti-fatigue floor and ensure an even surface – necessary for optimal machine performance and employee safety. And all work would ultimately need to pass a final inspection.

The Solution
We began with the electrical installation, done in the two weeks ahead of the unloader installation. By doing so we were able to test and prepare for the new equipment and quickly connect the unloaders as they were anchored in place.

Additionally, our crew attended an on-site safety class to make everyone aware of the challenges and details of the facility and its machinery.

We focused on key points: safety, cleanliness, and efficiency. Every day we reviewed the progress with our client allowing them the opportunity to sign off on each unit as it was installed.

bulk mail distribution, Western Storage, Southworth Products Corp, lifts,

As the unloader lifts, the yellow bar prevents its contents from spilling out too quickly and holds the container in place.

The Results
Thanks to our prep work and planning, Western Storage and Handling was able to install all 14 Southworth all-purpose container unloaders in just one week with no issues, concerns, or breaks in service for our bulk mail distribution center customer.

Our client was very impressed with the efficiency of our completed work. Everything was installed correctly the first time with no issues and passed the final inspection with flying colors.

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