Pallet Rack Security

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Pallet rack enclosure (hinged gate)

You currently have a standard pallet racking system in your warehouse and would like to “secure” certain materials with a Pallet Rack Security. If you don’t have the room to commit to an independent storage area, are you out of luck? Not at all, a rack enclosure just may be the answer. Western Storage and Handling (WSH) can supply your company with many types and sizes of rack enclosures that are compatible with most types of pallet racking. These enclosures are easily configurable (for most applications), help to keep honest people honest, and can help create accountability in your warehouse. Door options include both hinged (swing type), or sliding doors, depending on your facility’s aisles, type of products, and configurations. You can enclose as little (a single bay), or as much rack as your application warrants and beam levels above the enclosures can be still accessible with a forklift – SO NO VALUABLE SPACE IS LOST! A complete pallet rack enclosure can include wire mesh panels on the back, ends, and top of the rack, with access doors on the front side. These systems are quick to install, easy to relocate , and can be installed in most applications without disrupting your daily operations. If you also need the pallet racking to start this project, WSH can help you with that too. We stock pallet racking in many commonly used sizes and capacities. WSH specializes in many ways to help with storing more in the same (or even less space) Call today for more information.