Vinyl Partitions: A built-in pallet racking solution for separating food, cleaning solutions, and more

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Maximize your warehouse space and store products safely with our OSHA-accepted vinyl partitions for pallet rack systems

vinyl partitions Western Storage and Handling pallet rack systems pallet rack vinyl curtain partitions

It used to be that separate spaces needed to be dedicated to storing food separately from cleaning or chemical solutions in commercial warehouse storage – but not anymore. Thanks to Western Storage and Handling’s innovative vinyl curtain partitions, materials such as food and chemicals can be stored not only in the same space – but also on the same rack.

We have partnered with select vinyl companies to make partitions that can be added and installed into pallet racks AND that meet OSHA requirements for separation of commodities within the same racking system! This ability to create more compact storage systems can help business owners make the most of already-available space, preventing them from having to dedicate more space or reconfigure their current warehouse setup. 

Benefits of using vinyl partitions for pallet rack separation

vinyl partitions Western Storage and Handling pallet rack systems pallet rack vinyl curtain partitions

When stored, cleaning solutions and other potentially hazardous materials can emit toxic odors or, worse, potentially leak or

spill onto other products. This is particularly problematic when it comes to storing solutions near food or other perishable items since they can absorb smells, or worse, become contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Our industrial-grade vinyl curtains are durable and strong enough to create barriers that prevent any cross-contamination. In fact, we’ve worked directly with OSHA to ensure our partitions comply with commodity separation regulations, helping business owners avoid penalties while maintaining the quality and standards for each product and keeping customers happy.

Vinyl partition details and applications

WSH’s vinyl partitions are typically attached to pallet rack beams to create a physical, vertical barrier between pallet rack rows. These partitions can be easily moved vertically or horizontally as needed, allowing for flexibility in configuring the warehouse space. 

vinyl partitions Western Storage and Handling pallet rack systems pallet rack vinyl curtain partitions

Vinyl pallet rack partitions are an ideal solution for a variety of industries including food and perishable goods distribution centers, food processing facilities, and any operation that needs to store and safely separate cleaning supplies and perishable goods.

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