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Storage Solutions

Shelving and Storage Solutions


  • Maximize your warehouse space utilization
  • Improve the safety of your operation
  • Identify areas of your operation where productivity can be improved

Material Handling Equipment


Marijuana Shelving and Rack  

Western Storage and Handling and Borroughs have been working together to develop a  Isolated cannabis leaf stock photoshelving system for the marijuana industry. By utilizing a combination of steel framing with wire decks, closed steel, and/or plastic decks Western Storage and Handling can design and install storage systems specific to the parameters of each grow facilities. The varieties of sizes and capacities are almost endless. The utilization of pallet rack components will assist in applications where heights up to 20’ are needed. 
Numerous cannabis grow facilities in the Colorado area are now utilizing storage systems designed and installed by Western Storage and Handling. This experience helps clients  dealing with the complex permit requirements of municipalities. Both engineering and fire protection design enter into the storage issues on many systems. As a leader in this industry for the past few years Western Storage and Handling can provide assistance with all aspects of the design and installation of these cannabis storage systems.


Warehouse Storage Shelving

Are you looking to store more in less space? Do you want to improve the safety of your people and the productivity of your operation?  If so, Western Storage and Handling (WSH) of Denver Colorado can help with all of your warehouse storage planning. We leverage our more than 200 years of material handling equipment experience to help you create more space, solve safety issues and improve productivity.

All types of industrial shelving

Let WSH help you maximize space utilization and minimize safety concerns. Our team of experts can consult with you and install all types of industrial shelving, modular offices, pallet racks, mezzanines, dock equipment, lockers, conveyors, vertical storage equipment, and modular drawer systems. And we do it on time, on target and on budget.

Industrial storage solutions

At WSH, we understand the challenges you face. That’s why we provide the industrial storage solutions to help you:

  • Effectively store more in a specific space
  • Evaluate the layout of facilities
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve the safety of your people
  • Improve the productivity of your operation


Relationships with top material handling equipment manufacturers

If you think that all material handling equipment distributors are the same, think again. They’re not. That’s because WSH has:

  • Relationships with the best manufacturers in the material handling industry, which ensures that our storage solutions will provide outstanding service.
  • A local inventory of equipment that allows us to quickly respond to your needs.
  • Deep knowledge of different codes and guidelines that govern your operations, allowing us to make recommendations that meet these requirements.

Representation of a wide range of manufacturers including:

  • Borroughs Storage Products, Speed Rack, ITC Wire Decking,
  • System Logistics, Fairborn, Poweramp, Cubic Designs, SpaceGuard, Lista, Pflow, Republic Lockers,
  • Ideal Lockers, MECO and Denios Storage Products.

Let us harness the power of our industry expertise, brand name products and strong manufacturing relationships to help you maximize your space and productivity and minimize your safety concerns.


Western Storage and Handling with offices in Denver CO and Colorado Springs serves the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S., which includes all of Colorado, Eastern Wyoming, and Western Nebraska.

Contact us today at (303) 937-8376 or hneumann@westernstorageandhandling.com.


Think of WSH as your material handling Idea Bank!