Customer Favorites Series: BostonTec Ergonomic Workstations

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BostonTec Ergonomic Workstations

Looking to increase safety and productivity at your business? Customizable, high-qualityworkstations and desks are the newest products to fly off our shelves. Our partners at BostonTec are ergonomic experts. Here’s a rundown of their most popular products and features.



Workstations have come a long way from simple adjustable tables and drawers. Today,workstations can be built for your specific industry, taking into account the exact repetitive movements your staff make and preventing injuries. Creating an ergonomic workstation or desk is a simple way to boost morale and support employees while increasing productivity and safety.

We’re proud to be a retailer and partner of BostonTec, a leading manufacturer of customizable workstations that not only make a high-quality product, but also hold a high level of expertise in ergonomics and work hard to educate the public about why and how to create ergonomic workstations.

The Key Elements of an Ergonomic Workplace

Ergonomics is essentially creating a workspace that is efficient, comfortable, and requires minimal effort and exertion from employees. By creating fluid, less strenuous movements, workplace injuries due to repetitive movements can be avoided. In addition, the smoother and more comfortable workflows are, the more efficient and productive employees can be.

Here are 5 important rules for workstations that BostonTec workspaces target:

  • Optimized Seating and Standing Positions
  • Elimination of Extreme Movements
  • Minimization of Forces and Repetition
  • Organization, Order and Color Coding
  • Optimized Lighting

Learn more:

Top-Selling BostonTec Ergonomic Workstations and their Features and Benefits

Biotech and Medical Device Settings

Manufacturing medical equipment and other biotech processes can greatly benefit from well-designed, adaptable workstations. Some of the most popular features include organizing elements like bin rails, dust-reducing custom wired shelves, power bars, heavy-duty casters, and electric height adjustability. These easily adjustable workstations are a great long-term investment because of how quickly and easily they can adapt to a variety of tasks and changing workflows. Learn more about medical workstations.

ESD Settings

BOSTONtec’s ESD workbench creates a safe and organized work environment for technical tasks including electronics manufacturing, handling, and testing, and are an integral part of creating ESD protected Areas (EPA). ESD, or electrostatic discharge, occurs when objects with different charges come into close or actual contact. These workspaces prevent costly, ESD-related damages to equipment and products while also providing full-body ergonomic support. Learn more about ESD workbenches.

More Applications for BostonTec Workstations

BostonTec workstations have intimate knowledge of the very workplaces they work to enhance. The workstations have special features that work especially well for the following applications:

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