Custom Design Wire and Cable Spool Rack System

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Palmer Drives Controls Systems, Inc. (Palmer DCS) of Englewood Colorado is a multi-faceted electrical control solutions company that was established in 2011. For over 40 years, Palmer DCS and its predecessors have supported the electrical control marketplace by providing services and products to a diverse client base all over the world.

Today, Palmer DCS has grown into a nationally recognized supplier of electrical control solutions. Also, they offer custom control panel design and fabrication.

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With all the of the different sizes of wire, cable and flex bar in stock there wasn’t a good way to access their product.  Spools of wire and cable were stacked on pallets and the flex bar was stored on a homemade PVC pipe rack. With the increasing business environment Palmer DCS needed a new approach at organizing this material.

They wanted a non-traditional way spools of wire are typically stored on a rack with an axle running threw the middle of the spool. Also, they wanted the ability to pull a whole spool off the rack and take it to the workstation.


Western Storage and Handling (WSH) came up with a plan. WSH engineers design a perfect solution for both the large spools and the smaller ones. For the large spools of cable, they used Vestil spool rack system which handles spools up to 3 feet in diameter. For the spools 6 1/2 inches and 10 inches in diameter WSH made custom frames with inverted angle iron. These frames were placed in standard rivet span racks (4 racks) 48 inches wide X 24 inches deep X 72 inches high. Furthermore they kept the fast-moving spools in the golden pick zone and did not exceed 72 inches high.


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Palmer DCS was under a time crunch as their largest customer who just ordered 50 custom cabinets was coming to inspect their facility. WSH was able to respond quickly. They used their in-stock rack and their in-house fabrication department to make the custom frames in one day. All the material was delivered and installed the next day meeting the customers timeline.  Palmer DCS was extremely happy with the end result on a job well done.


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