Protective Machinery Enclosures

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This company  was founded in 1963 and is a market leader of manufacturing solutions for complex, high-precision products and services for the Medical Device, Aerospace, and Defense markets. They have seventeen global manufacturing facilities in five countries around the world and employs over 2500 people.  They are a leading medical device manufacturer and a CNC (computer numerical control) machine shop.

The company’s facility in Boulder Colorado contacted Western Storage and handling (WSH) to design and install enclosures to protect their six Duramax and one O-inspect measuring machines. WSH came up with enclosures made of aluminum extruded framework with clear lexan walls and ceiling that were produced by Faztek, a US company located in Ft. Wayne, IN.

These enclosures are custom made and come in a kit form to be assembled on site. Each enclosure has double hinged doors front and rear and side doors for complete access. WSH provided the perfect solution to keep the company’s extremely sensitive measuring machines protected from contaminants created by other nearby CNC machinery.

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