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We put reuse and recycling first with our warehouse upgrade services!

Western Storage & Handling is excited to offer a sustainable option for your warehouse reconfiguration needs. When you sign up for these services, we’ll assess your equipment needs and reuse as many materials as possible on-site. For materials that are no longer needed or wanted, we’ll find the highest and best use for the materials. That means we’ll consider a trade-in offer to be used towards your upgrades, if they are still in good working condition, or we’ll work to find a local scrap recycler to get it off your hands.

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Gently-used equipment can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for your warehouse. Pictured: A mix of used and new pallet racks.

Here’s more about how it works, how it benefits the environment, and how it can make for a very cost-effective solution. You can also learn more by checking out this warehouse reconfiguration case study.

Equipment reuse and the environment

When working on a warehouse upgrade, we make the most of the materials already in use, cutting down on the need to purchase and transport new materials. In prioritizing reusing equipment, we participate in a circular economy that keeps perfectly usable, valuable materials in the production loop instead of buried in a landfill. This practice also contributes to a “sharing economy” where resources are shared in a more efficient and environmentally sustainable way that works to minimize potential supply chain issues and benefits the community at large.

We purchase your gently-used, unwanted equipment and offer it back to the public

During the process of assessing your warehouse upgrade needs, our team will take into account whether your current equipment can be reconfigured and reused on site. If it can’t, our team can assess the possibility of a “trade-in” offer on your unwanted, reusable equipment. Here’s how it works.

PLEASE NOTE: Gently-used equipment from WSH is only offered to customers who purchase warehouse upgrade services.

  • USED Teardrop Beams 2 Western Storage & Handling, sustainable, warehouse reconfiguration

    Used teardrop beams

    If the current equipment and materials are still in good or gently-used condition: We can rebuild or reconfigure these materials and work them into the new warehouse plan

  • If current materials simply won’t work for future growth of the company: We can physically inspect all equipment in person and take a complete inventory of all usable items. 
  • If WSH deems that there are items that can be reused, resold or recycled: WSH can potentially make a “buyback offer” of these materials, which will be agreed upon by both parties and sold as used materials to the general public. 
  • Once all used materials are received by WSH and inventoried: A final buyback offer and payment agreement is reached. 
  • This buyback can then be used towards the final invoice of the NEW materials that were purchased and/or installed. This is a great way to save on the overall cost of your warehouse upgrade!

Common scenarios and problems we solve

In our experience overhauling warehouses over the years, we’ve found a few common threads in the sorts of obstacles business owners can anticipate when upgrading a warehouse. Here are some of the potential issues we help overcome:

  • The manager/operator wants to make the most of the equipment in use 
  • The facility manager wants to avoid a potentially costly trip to the junkyard 
  • The business might not have as much capital needed to invest in buying all new equipment

Need to upgrade your warehouse facility?

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