Case Study - Custom Solution For Genesis Auto

Modular Drawer and Shelving Units

Company Name : Genesis Auto

Avoid costly warehouse upgrades when simple organizational fixes will do the job. Whether you need a place for rugged tools or delicate instruments, WSH, LLC can help you find the industrial modular drawer system for the secure storage of items in a variety of sizes. Our highly experienced storage experts can evaluate your situation and show you how to maximize your storage area. With our more than 200 years of application experience, and proud suppliers of Borroughs, Republic and Equipto our experts can guide you through various alternatives to find a customized solution that will provide years of safe, convenient, high-density storage and problem-free operation.

Modular drawers optimize your warehouse or selling floorspace that may be currently dedicated to shelving. The empty space between shelves and boxes of materials is wasteful; drawers when utilized with dividers, helps eliminate that wasted space. Typically, inventory from 2-3 shelving units can fit and be organized into one (1) HD drawer unit.

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