Case Study - Custom Solution

Custom Welding and Fabrication for Pallet Rack Beams

When every inch of your warehouse storage facility matters; count on the experts at WSH!  Here at WSH, our professionals think outside of the box to find solutions to utilize every inch of space for your inventory. Even more importantly, is that WSH has our own in-house fabrication department of Certified Welders, each with over 33 years of custom fabrication experience.

For example, creative collaboration with our fabrication department; resulted in custom connection clips welded to pallet rack beams.  This eliminated a single pallet rack upright, which would have impeded on the accessibility of the corner and they can now utilize valuable inventory storage space. We can modify equipment to fit your specific dimensions, fabricate custom steel equipment, and perform welding services on all types of material handling equipment. We’ll happily take your project from design to fabrication to installation, all while being in close touch about timelines, objectives, and costs throughout the process.

Custom Pallet Rack Beam Fabrication2 Custom Pallet Rack Beam Fabrication 1 Custom Pallet Rack Beam Connector Clip