Case Studies

Tunnel Bay Pallet Rack

What's a "Tunnel Bay"? A tunnel bay is factored into long stretches of pallet rack, by simply eliminating the bottom-floor pallet locations;  this allows both foot traffic and forklifts to travel less distances, vs going all-the-way-around the warehouse to access or replenish products. This "tunnel"  increases productivity without compromising vertical storage space and pallet positions, by otherwise adding another isle into the footprint of valuable real estate.  Contact us today to see how our professionals can maximize your warehouse!    

Boltless Shelving Units for Small Parts

Rivet span and boltless shelving units made to YOUR exact needs and dimensions. Boltless shelving is the next upgrade for oversized and heavier item storage, stored in smaller boxes or quantities. Easily adjustable to be customized to your every-changing needs; boltless and rivet style shelving is available in countless variations of widths and depths,  flexible to fit your specific space and operational requirements.  Making boltless and rivet style shelving units perfect for everything from simple garage storage to pick-pull operations in large warehouse facilities. For even more information: Click Here

Structural Pallet Rack – Fontana, CA

Example of Double-Deep Structural Pallet Rack just installed in Fontana, CA. Double-Deep Pallet Bays are a great way to increase the pallet load capacity of existing facilities, while maximizing the square footage. By reducing isles and isle widths; WSH Professionals can help analyze an operation and see what options make the most economic sense for your warehouse, your product inventory, and your operational procedures. Plus, our Professionals will be your One-Point of Contact  for complete Project Management,  Auto-Cad drawings, calculations, local city and county building permits as well as implementing requirements to meet local city and county fire codes and...

Cantilever Racks for Odd Shaped Inventory

Cantilever Racks are a great option for your warehouse inventory if you have oddly shaped, or flat items such as wood sheets, pipes, metal bars, lumber, dry wall, etc.  Cantilever racking is extremely flexible to your expanding needs while taking a minimal footprint and can be accessed from 1-side or both sides. While WSH does not stock these components for immediate availability, and, thanks to our Brand Partnerships, these CAN be ordered and delivered within a relatively short lead time  (within WEEKS, not months!)  Shipped directly to your facility and installed by our professionals, usually within 1 day.  Call us...

Autoquip VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor)

VRCs or Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors are the perfect solution in warehouses for getting heavy pallet loads and materials to 2nd or 3rd floor storage platforms without the use or costly construction of an elevator.  VRCs minimize the investment of floor space and can move large and heavy loads vertically to your storage and processing operations. Riders are not allowed on these VRCs which are similar to a freight elevator. This fully hydraulic,  Autoquip VRC was recently installed by WSH in Centennial, Colorado and safely moves materials between floors with a 3,000 lb weight capacity per load.  Would you like more...

Panel Built Storage Platform

Utilize your vertical space with a Storage Platform without the costly interruption of your warehouse production.  This storage platform by Panel Built is completely modular and built to YOUR specifications to maximize your vertical space for record keeping, parts or inventory storage.  What's the difference between a mezzanine or a storage platform?  Find out here

MiTek Mezzanine

Why move out; if you can move up with a MiTek Mezzanine?  This customer needed additional workspace without taking away from the current office space or warehouse facility. This mezzanine included ample space for employees to use as a training center and break room area, without the downtime of construction.  To learn more about mezzanines and if one would be right for your company click here 

Fatigue Mats

Fatigue mats are essential in your warehouse for employees that are standing long periods of time.  Fatigue mats add compression barriers to soften the impact on the lower body, lower back, legs and feet especially if the base flooring is concrete.  These anti-fatigue mats will reduce employee stress, lower body and leg fatigue as well as overuse injuries (such as shin splints).  WSH offers a full range of options including full installation.  WSH doesn't just sell products, we offer SOLUTIONS!  

Morse & Vestil to the Rescue!

The customer was struggling with loading the pick up truck bed with a full 55 gallon drum with machine coolant and came to WSH for a solution.  They were currently using a forklift to load the drum on its side and once in the bed of the pickup, they would manually flip it up to vertical position. However, once in the pick up the customer was unsure how to secure it for transport. The WSH Professional suggested they purchase a Morse Fork-Mounted Hook & a Morse Vertical Drum Lifter to place the drum properly & safely into the pick up...

Recycled Pallet Rack in Las Vegas

This warehouse was almost completely installed with repurposed and recycled pallet rack from excess materials from OTHER warehouses!  This food distribution company has been working with WSH at multiple locations across the country and on this particular project, our experts were able to utilize the used materials from previous projects, saving this customer hundreds of thousands of dollars!  Our complete Project Management service gives you a Single Point of Contact through the entire process; leaving what could possibly be a headache in logistics in the hands of our professionals. We don't just sell products; WSH offers warehouse SOLUTIONS!  

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