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Cantilever Racks for Lumber Yard

Cantilever Racks are the perfect solution for flat, round or oddly shaped inventory.  In this case a large lumber yard in southern Wyoming needed expansive cantilever rack for its ever-growing business, and WSH, LLC was happy to help. Offering free on-site consultations to evaluate exactly what you need, product placement, facility flow requirements and full installation.  If you're located on the Colorado Front Range or anywhere in the Continental United States, we can deliver and install directly to your facility! Find your Area Sales Manager HERE   We don't just sell products; we offer solutions!  

Vidmar VLM (Vertical Lift Modules) Save up to 70% Floor Space

We’re pleased to see the rise in requests for Vidmar Lista  VLMs (Vertical Lift Modules) in the Denver Metro region and throughout Colorado and have been excited to implement these carousels for industries including major transit authorities and space electronics corporations.  Vertical carousels can pick individual products or pick a series of products through a pick list, creating a smooth, error-free and worry-free picking experience. Vertical carousels are enclosed with the ability to “lock in” and secure products, which then can only be retrieved through the automated picking process. This increases warehouse security by making certain products inherently hard to...

FIFO Gravity Flow Pallet Racks

Flow Racks, also know as gravity pallet racks, are essential to any warehouse that has perishable commodities, or high turnover SKUs. By loading via the back end of the pallet rack, the Flow Tracks gently glide the pallets to the front of the pallet to be picked from the opposite (front) side to fill orders. This ensures a FIFO pick process (First In - First Out) while also reducing congestion of forklift traffic to one-direction only per pallet lane.  WSH has installed these in many food distribution warehouses across the United States.  Contact us today for your free no-obligation consultation....

Pallet Rack Security Cage for High Dollar SKUs

If your warehouse has high dollars SKUs that arrive by the pallet load or inventory that is small and can easily be concealed; you need to consider installing a security cage within your pallet rack shelving units.  Such as these WireCrafters security panels recently installed in Denver, CO.  Perfect for securely storing items such as electronics, chemicals or even aerosol paint.  Would you like to schedule a FREE consultation and quote for your Warehouse?  Click Here

Medium-Duty Bulk Shelving Racks

These medium-duty bulk shelving racks manufactured by Equipto  hold upwards of 1,550 lbs per shelf were recently installed in Larimer County, Colorado.  Solid grates on each shelf ensures that small items and inventory won't fall through or get lost in the shuffle. Western Storage and Handling has proud partnerships with the biggest names and suppliers in the industry, call us today!  

Fire Sprinkler System in 3-Deep Pallet Rack

That's right!  WSH recently integrated a complete Fire Sprinkler System INTO the frame of this 3-deep pushback structural pallet rack in Fontana, CA. This was to meet CA Fire Permit Requirements for storing highly flammable cooking oils in this massive food distribution warehouse.   Also meeting the latest seismic requirements for the entire project; WSH Professionals handled every aspect of this 130,000 sq' warehouse including dry, cooler and freezer storage areas. If you're located on the Front Range, or anywhere in the continental United States, our Professionals will come to you! Contact us today !    

Republic Modular Drawer Units

WSH offers several makers of Modular Drawer Units including these these streamlined units made by Republic.  These heavy-duty Republic Modular Drawers are available from 5 to 12 drawers and each unit be compartmentalized to hold upwards of 270+ individual parts or SKUs.  This customer was expanding their current parts department and requested that WSH find the manufacturer of their of previously purchased units to keep the cohesive look of their showrooms in  multiple locations across the Front Range. Ask us how WSH can help you; contact us today!  

WireCrafters Security Cage

When your sensitive documents need to be secured in a space larger than a filing cabinet; count on WSH and WireCrafters. This security cage was recently installed in Arapahoe County, CO to secure highly classified government documents.  Wire partitions are completely customizable to your specific dimensions and requirements.  By dedicating a space in your warehouse, office or storage platform, WSH can enclose the space with limited accessibility to fit your needs and security requirements with key, touchpad, padlock or employee badge scan technology. We don't just sell products; we offer SOLUTIONS! Contact us for your free, no obligation quote and consultation!...

Drive In Pallet Rack

These Double-Deep Drive In Pallet Racks, made by our proud partnership with Interlake, were recently installed in Denver, CO for a meats and food distribution company.  What makes this project unique is getting the maximum utilization with a very low ceiling clearance; not to mention that the materials had to be lifted in by CRANE, then manually carried into the facility.  An easy-feet to handle for our Material Handling Professionals at WSH! Do you have an awkward or hard-to-access space?  Contact us for your free, no obligation consultation!  

Free-Standing Mechanical Vertical Lift

This Mechanical Freight Lift manufactured by Autoquip was recently installed in Denver, CO and what makes this unique is that it is completely FREE-STANDING. This 12' x 8'  vertical lift had to be designed to fit and be contained within the existing concrete shaft, yet could not be bolted to the walls or undermine the current integrity of the structure.  Completely free-standing, bolted only to the foundation, this mechanical lift has a 12,000 lb weight capacity to move freight and inventory between floors.  The vertical gate minimizes OSHA clearance requirements vs a swinging or hinged gate entrance / exit. Contact...

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