Case Study - Custom Solution For NDA

Vidmar VLM (Vertical Lift Modules) Save up to 70% Floor Space

Company Name : NDA

We’re pleased to see the rise in requests for Vidmar Lista  VLMs (Vertical Lift Modules) in the Denver Metro region and throughout Colorado and have been excited to implement these carousels for industries including major transit authorities and space electronics corporations.  Vertical carousels can pick individual products or pick a series of products through a pick list, creating a smooth, error-free and worry-free picking experience. Vertical carousels are enclosed with the ability to “lock in” and secure products, which then can only be retrieved through the automated picking process. This increases warehouse security by making certain products inherently hard to seek and acquire. The enclosed machines also protect inventory from damage, dust, microparticles, and even seismic activity, making them a great long-term solution for maintaining products such as electronics and other sensitive equipment. Increased picking accuracy and fast, automated retrieval times by the carousel boost efficiency and productivity.

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Vertical Lift Module   VLM