Case Studies

Uniform Locker Room

This Wyoming Mining Company needed a uniform locker room to service over 100 employees.   A uniform cleaning company was supplying cover-alls to mechanics, but nothing to protect the coveralls from the dirt and grime of the mining facility.  Coveralls were simply stacked in size runs, for employees to sort through and find the right (and hopefully clean) sizes that they needed each day. Now: with over 125 employee lockers to meet the growing work force; each employee has their OWN locker each day.  Coveralls are placed into the lockers by the Uniform Supply Co each day by size - keeping...

Receiving Dock Security Cage

Receiving dock security cage for the busy receiving docks of a major food distribution center. Keeping employees safe and keeping non-employees OUT : protecting inventory and decreasing liability of theft or injury.  Includes a vertical sliding pass-through door for documents and a 1-sided, bar release pedestrian door to grant access if required.  

Security Cages for Warehouse Inventory

Customer needed to provide high security cages for government-related materials to be separated from the product inventory; while not hindering production in other areas of the warehouse facility. Project needed to be permitted and approved for egress and life safety, and the Customer also has very narrow aisles and needed a design that keeps DC efficiencies in tact. Western Storage and Handling needed to quickly provide security solutions and convert a section of their very narrow aisle, high velocity DC to a high-secure space. The project includes two 15' tall sliding doors for forklift traffic, as well as pedestrian access....

Storage Platform Colorado Springs

A 20' x 80' MiTek storage platform Pallet gate at each end allows for material flow 20' column span was a requirement in order to keep the production floor as clear as possible    

CO High School Sports Equipment Storage

CO High School Sports and Equipment Manager needed storage solutions for sports equipment, uniforms, chairs, bins, pads, gloves, helmets, etc.  There were 2 separate areas to be utilized but everything was just piled into random bins and thrown into the space.  With the use of pallet rack to hold the heavy equipment and the storage solutions and care full space planning by our Experts; this mess turned into a Coach's organized dream.  Equipment and uniforms were organized by sport, department, male/female; there was even enough room left over for costume storage for the drama department! [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="11" gal_title="Colorado Academy"]

Adams County Storage Platform Mezzanine

Problem: Adams County previously had pallet racking, but could not access files above 8' high with 1 rolling ladder available for use Needed additional storage platform and space for record keeping and files within a footprint of 1,700 sq'   Solution: Designed & installed a 30' x 60'   Storage Platform / Mezzanine Implemented layout of 53  Rivet Span Shelving Units w/ 5 shelves each   Key Suppliers: MiTek Mezzanines Borroughs Rivet Span Shelving  

Innovative Pallet Rack Storage to Minimize Damage

Overview:  This client in Aurora, CO needed to protect their storage racks from damage and increase the amount of pallets they could store in the dry and cooler areas of the warehouse. We installed a structural selective pallet rack with a double deep configuration and a slant back upright design. This design helps minimize the chance of damage to the front posts of the uprights. Additionally, the client was able to increase storage capacity in their warehouse by 32% and an estimated annual revenue increase of $96,000. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="2" gal_title="QCD"]

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