Industrial Storage Lockers

Compartmentalize & Organize Items

Industrial Storage Lockers

Heavy duty industrial Storage lockers 

There are many types of and uses for Industrial storage lockers, but ultimately they compartmentalize and organize items and, most importantly, keep them safe and secure. Perfect for secure storage, and customizable in stainless steel, and galvanized, lockers perfect as school lockers, weapon storage lockers, and Ski lockers.

Western Storage and Handling, located in Denver and Colorado Springs, offers the finest and most economical industrial storage locker solutions to meet your needs. Our industry contacts with top manufacturers enable us to do the legwork and find the best steel, plastic, or wood locker solution to your specific needs.

Personal storage

For employee break rooms, schools, gyms, health clubs, etc. Design a place for employees, students, or members to store personal items like coats, purses, cell phones, or even their lunch or to change from street clothes to work clothes.

Secure storage

Tenant storage, police stations, warehouses, pharmacies, etc. Create secure, easy-to-access storage for high-risk items and locations that are high traffic or lack other security.


Western Storage Serves Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska

WSH offers the finest and most economical industrial storage locker solutions to meet the needs of your facility. That’s because we have a wide range of industry contacts and top manufacturers, which enables us to do the legwork for you. We can match the best steel, plastic or wood locker solution to your specific needs and challenges.

Leverage our industrial storage lockers expertise

From school lockers to surgical staff to ski storage to weapons storage to tenant storage, WSH has the industrial storage locker solution for you. The various colors, optional handles, and other features can be confusing, so let the experts at WSH help you find a customized solution to meet your needs.

Visualize the layout

Want to see how your lockers will look in your facility before being installed? Now you can. WSH uses Autocad layout software to show you how your lockers will look in the area you designate before any work begins. We’ll also show you pictures and layouts of projects completed at facilities in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska to help make your decision easier.

Heavy duty storage locker applications

  • School lockers
  • Athletic ventilated lockers
  • Ski and Snowboard
  • Locker room lockers
  • Weapons lockers
  • Evidence storage lockers
  • Coin or credit reader-operated
  • Quiet lockers
  • Heavy duty lockers
  • Quick ship lockers
  • Laminated lockers
  • Woven wire lockers and enclosures
  • Mobile locker systems
  • Plastic lockers
  • Tenant storage areas
  • Heavy duty athletic lockers
  • Accessories: benches, baskets, sloped tops and more

Selecting the right storage locker product

You can rely on us to walk you through all the options and select the right storage locker product for your needs. Types of storage lockers can be generalized as:

  • Steel lockers – which may be painted, galvanized or stainless steel
  • Plastic lockers – an inexpensive, utilitarian option when security isn’t a concern
  • TA 50 weapon storage lockers – heavy duty construction designed for military and police use
  • Storage cabinet lockers – providing sturdy closed storage ideal for offices
  • Woven wire partitions – allowing for unrestricted vision and airflow


Industrial Storage locker features

There are a number of features and characteristics to consider with storage lockers. Let the team of experts at WSH help you choose the best locker features to meet your needs, such as:

  • Bank size – This specifies the number of lockers wide a unit is.
  • Tiers – Lockers may be specified as single-tier, two-tier, three-tier, etc.
  • Material – Most lockers are steel, however, wood, plastic or laminate lockers are also sometimes used
  • Locking options – Various types of key locking or padlocking options are available now.
  • Number of locking points – Locker doors may lock with either single or three-point locking
  • Dimensions – These include width, depth, and height
  • Color – Most manufacturers offer a range of colors to choose from.
  • Sloping tops – While most lockers have flat tops, some manufacturers offer the option of sloping tops, which can make it impossible to store items on top of the lockers


Industry-leading locker manufacturers

At WSH we represent the top name manufacturers in the material handling industry. For industrial lockers, we represent Ideal Products Inc., Republic Storage, Penco and Bradley.