Drum Handling Equipment

The Right Equipment for the Job

Western Storage is Your Leader for Drum Handling Equipment in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska

Drum handling can be a physically demanding and even dangerous job without the right equipment. Whether you use steel, plastic, fiber or other materials from 55-gallons to cans or pails, Western Storage and Handling (WSH) has you covered.

With over 200 years of combined application experience with drum handling products, WSH will help you:

  • Protect your people working with drums whether steel, plastic, or fiberboard
  • Control product dispersion
  • Transport drum dispersion products safely
  • Utilize existing forklift truck, stacker, or other overhead lifting equipment for drum management
  • Improve the housekeeping of your chemical storage area

The Right Solutions, the Best Drum Handling Equipment

WSH will work with you to determine the exact solutions and equipment you need. The process begins when we sit down with you and listen to your concerns and goals. Then, with our experience and commitment to efficiency, your new drum handling solutions will not only make your business safer, but also more effective.

Every situation is different, but some of the most common equipment includes:

Drum Transporting

  • Hand drum trucks
  • Portable drum handlers
  • Drum jacks and dollies
  • Specialized drum handling forklift attachments
  • Below-hook drum handling
  • Drum dispensing systems
  • 5-gallon (16 liter) pail handlers
  • Custom drum handlers

Drum Storage

  • Drum racks
  • Rotators for mixing ingredients inside a sealed drum
  • Tumblers to turn your drum end-over-end
  • Rollers to roll your drum on its side

Many models are also available in type 304 stainless steel.

top drum handling brands: Morse Manufacturing

  • Morse Manufacturing
  • Denios
  • Hercules
  • Industrial Fluid Handling
  • Wesco


Together, our experts have more than 200 years of material handling equipment experience to help you create more space, solve safety issues and improve productivity.

Additionally we:

  • Represent a wide range of the best manufacturers
  • Have a local inventory of equipment so we can quickly respond to your needs
  • Have deep knowledge of industry codes and guidelines
  • Call us: (303)937-8376