Case Study - Custom Solution For Morse & Vestil

Morse & Vestil to the Rescue!

Company Name : Morse & Vestil

The customer was struggling with loading the pick up truck bed with a full 55 gallon drum with machine coolant and came to WSH for a solution.  They were currently using a forklift to load the drum on its side and once in the bed of the pickup, they would manually flip it up to vertical position. However, once in the pick up the customer was unsure how to secure it for transport.

The WSH Professional suggested they purchase a Morse Fork-Mounted Hook & a Morse Vertical Drum Lifter to place the drum properly & safely into the pick up bed.  To secure the drum for transport, a Vestil Steel Drum Tie-Down Ring was the perfect solution with four (4) HD ratchet straps.  The customer was extremely pleased with these suggestions and are very happy with the final outcome.


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