Automated Storage Systems

Better Inventory Mangement

Western Storage and Handling of Denver Colorado is one of the leading suppliers of Automated Storage Systems in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Automated storage systems can manage a virtually unlimited number of goods to countless destinations or applications. As your inventory demands increase, count on Western Storage and Handling’s (WSH) decades of experience to guide you through the detailed process of warehouse automation. We use only top name material handling equipment manufacturers

  • Increased footprint density
  • Instant access to all inventory
  • Secured protection from unauthorized access
  • Easy cycle counts and physical inventory

WSH uses Modula, RapidStack, Borroughs, and other automated storage and retrieval experts to design, install, and implement automated storage systems. Although systems vary by client in terms of issues and needs, some of the most common equipment include:

Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal carousels are automated spinning shelf units that are ideal for your high speed order picking, parts delivery and sortation applications. With reliably constructed and flexible configuration design, horizontal systems will save space, reduce labor costs, increase speed throughput and improve accuracy.
Common uses include:

  • Goods-to-man each order picking
  • Batch order picking
  • Residual handling in store replenishment operations
  • Returns handling for e-commerce
  • Order sortation for retail store department and aisle based carton creation
Horizontal Storage Carousel

Vertical Carousels

Vertical storage systems deliver maximized space utilization by taking advantage of the full ceiling height of your facility. By securely storing your goods vertically with automated delivery to an operator, you reduce the need for unnecessary bending, walking and reaching for parts.

Automated vertical carousels create production efficiency in a variety of ways such as:

  • Order picking of small parts in distribution
  • Item sorting directly into customer cartons in distribution
  • Small parts picking in manufacturing
  • Cleanroom storage and selection
  • Cold room and freezer applications
  • Atmospherically controlled applications
Verticle Storage Carousel

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)

Vertical Lift Module (VLM) systems consist of two rows of supports with trays transported by an automated elevator to the picking bay. This makes for a high density storage warehouse, controlled by an easy-to-use system. Completely modular, VLM systems maximize the available height of your building saving you floor space.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Moving goods is labor-intensive work. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are a flexible and effective solution for transportation and assembly line tasks in any facility, increasing productivity and safety while lowering labor costs. No matter what size your operation, AGV use is scalable to meet your specific needs.

Mini Load and Unit Load Systems (ASRS)

Mini Load and Unit Load Systems (ASRS) pick and deliver individual loads to and from storage locations inside rack or horizontal carousels. Loads are delivered to conveyor drop off stations conveying the SKU to other areas within the system for picking, packing, or shipping. Multiple drop off stations provide completely automatic, fast, and safe delivery and picking at high rates. Individual systems are configured to your specific needs for each individual project.


Together, our experts have more than 200 years of material handling equipment experience to help you create more space, solve safety issues and improve productivity.

Additionally we:

  • Represent a wide range of the best manufacturers
  • Have a local inventory of equipment so we can quickly respond to your needs
  • Have deep knowledge of industry codes and guidelines