Automotive Parts Shelving

Automotive parts shelving is challenging. To maintain storage flexibility with the ever-increasing number and type of parts that you need is difficult — but not impossible.
Have better automotive parts shelving to reduce retrieval time, technician downtime and customer waiting time by working with our WSH experts. We have the right type of automotive parts shelving and storage units you need to solve these challenges.
We start with a full evaluation of your space and your needs then design a system that will maximize space and efficiency with as little downtime to install as possible. That way you get all the variety of industrial shelving, modular drawers and bulk shelving. This will accommodate the wide variety of parts you store without skipping a beat with your customers.
If so, the experts at Western Storage and Handling (WSH) with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs have the right type of automotive parts shelving and storage units you need to solve these challenges. Efficiently. Effectively. Affordably.

Automotive Parts Shelving

Automotive parts storage

As an automotive dealer, you know how important automotive parts shelving is to have an efficient, customer-focused service department. While well trained technicians are important, so are your storage systems.

For example, expensive cabinet housings can waste vertical space due to their limited height. Also, normal cabinet configurations can make it difficult to store larger items that are better suited for shelving units. With the right type of shelving and drawer combinations, related items can be stored together. In addition, you can modernize and significantly maximize your storage space and improve the efficiency of existing or new shelving units.

Storage Drawers

We understand your parts storage needs

At WSH, we understand that you want to store more in less space, while also improving the safety and productivity of your operation. And, we know that the wide variety of automotive parts you need to carry requires a combination of efficient:

  • High-density drawers
  • Sliding steel shelving
  • Bulk shelving to accommodate the larger and heavier parts
  • Specialty tire racks
  • Battery racks
  • Body parts racks

Borroughs storage products

To meet the needs of your operation in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, we carry a full range of Borroughs storage products, which offer you the following key benefits:

  • Faster and more accurate parts selection
  • Better customer service and satisfaction
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Optimized floor space
  • Tough, long lasting products

Borroughs Storage
High Density Storage Drawers

Industrial high-density Storage drawers

One of the most important products you need is efficient, industrial high-density storage drawers. WSH carries a wide range of drawers that feature:

  • Full extension to view entire contents
  • Sides that are positively attached to drawers
  • Ball bearing slide suspension for smooth operation
  • Soft cushion impact when closing and opening
  • Drawer fronts that are flush with posts for a custom look
  • Ability to support 400 pounds of evenly distributed load
  • Custom-configured dividers and partitions

These efficient high-density drawers are also versatile. For example, you can place them exactly where you need to create the right configuration for your operation. Plus, storage is optimized with our practically limitless choice of partitions and dividers.