Marijuana Plant Storage

We’ll Help You Plan Proper Marijuana Plant Storage

Commercial Cannabis/Marijuana Mother Plant Storage

The experts at Western Storage and Handling will help you plan proper marijuana plant storage & environmental growth solutions to achieve quality plant growth.

Marijuana plant storage for your mother plants is the heart of marijuana growing. As the source of new cuttings, it is ideal to keep these plants in as healthy a state as possible. When it comes to mother plant care and storage, the most important factors are light and moisture exposure.

Too much light and the plant will grow too quickly. Too much water and the plant will be low on nitrogen. To maintain the vegetative mode, your mother plants need strict environmental control.

Marijuana Plant Storage

Many growers will keep their mother plants in their Veg room but this is not the most effective as mother plants and vegging clones need different amounts of light and moisture – not to mention that your mother plants will require more vertical height than your clones, so keeping them together has a negative effect on your ability to maximize space.

Platform Carts

These flatbed carts are available in several sizes and great for safely and easily moving several mothers from one area to another at one time.

Dollies and Hand Carts

A tall mother plant will need to be handled carefully. Our dolly carts are ideal for moving one at a time.


Expand your existing mother space by growing up. We custom build to fit your space – whether that’s adding one or more mezzanine floors to your existing area. Our experts will meet all building codes and double or even triple your current growing space.