Marijuana Growing Rooms

Double Your Growing Space

Commercial Cannabis/Marijuana Growing Rooms

Alongside, the Borroughs Corporation, we build custom marijuana growing rooms to meet the needs of every size pot shop & dispensaries in the cannabis industry.

You have very specific needs when it comes to the shelving and storage for your cannabis crop. To optimize a very complicated growing pattern, you need to carefully plan, design and install shelving for your growing business. For several years now, we have been building our expertise in custom shelving for the professional and industrial cannabis industry with our partner and industry leader, the Borroughs Corporation. Together, we understand the specific needs of marijuana growing and have the products you need for every delicate phase.

Cloning, Veg and Flower Room

It’s important through all stages of growth for your individual plants to have enough space, the correct amount of humidity and controlled light. In commercial cannabis cultivation, plant height is irrelevant compared to bud size. While marijuana plants can reach higher than five feet, this is not only detrimental to the development of bud size, but it’s a terrible waste of vertical space. With the right combination of shelving and mezzanines, your growing areas can be hugely maximized with the use of stacking.

Double Your Growing Space

With Western Storage and Handling solutions, you can immediately increase your storage potential by building up:

Bulk Rack Storage

Ideal for plants and other products or equipment that are not on pallets but handled manually. Shelf height is completely customizable for your needs and bulk racks have the flexibility and load capacity for plants in all stages of growth.

Pallet Rack Storage

Allowing for easy access of large, pallet loads with a fork lift. Whether you need to efficiently move an entire crop or simply maximize your vertical space as much as possible, our pallet rack systems will be customized for you.


Expand your existing space by growing up. We custom build to fit your space – whether that’s adding one or more mezzanine floors to your existing area. Our experts will meet all building codes and double or even triple your current growing space.

Western Storage and Handling is the only distributor of shelving, storage and materials handling for the commercial marijuana/cannabis industry in the United States. With offices in Denver and Colorado Springs, serves the Rocky Mountain region including all of Colorado, Eastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska.