Marijuana Drying Rooms

Rack Storage, Industrial Workbenches and Bakers Carts

Commercial Cannabis/Marijuana Drying Rooms

Marijuana Drying Rooms for thoroughly drying marijuana final product can vary widely. In some cases you may require shelving or pallet racks for large quantities. Also cabinets for secure keeping or even display cases for a retail front. Western Storage and Handling and our partner Borroughs Corporation have everything you may need for your marijuana drying rooms.

Bulk Rack Storage

Bulk Rack Storage can effectively dry your carefully harvested buds and branches to the desired percentage of moisture content. Shelf height is completely customizable and shelving units can be planned to best fit your room. Bulk rack storage is ideal for plants and other products or equipment that are not on pallets but handled manually. Contact Western Storage and Handling for all your shelving needs

Industrial Work Benches

WSH has years of experience helping a wide-variety of industries with Industrial Work Benches. Our experts understand the effects of a precisely designed work bench has on productivity. Created specifically for your needs, our industrial work benches are customized with shelving, cabinets, work top materials. Also height, lighting and anything else you need for easy trimming and storage.

Anti-fatigue Matting

Give your employees’ feet, knees and lower backs a break! For more than just comfort, anti-fatigue matting has been shown to decrease injuries and increase productivity. Our mats are available in multiple sizes and materials. Our experts will help design the right matting for your facility.

Bakers Carts

If you aren’t already using bakers carts in your drying and trimming rooms, be prepared for a eureka moment. Quickly and easily stack trays of cuttings on one easy and wheeled shelving unit. Perfect for both storing and moving a large quantity of dried trimmings. We offer aluminum or stainless steel bakers carts with heavy-duty casters and a variety of runner spacing. Count on Western Storage and Handling in Denver Colorado to assist you with all your needs.