Finished Marijuana Plant Storage

Shelving, Pallet Racks and Cabinets

Commercial Cannabis/Marijuana Finished Product Storage

Finished marijuana storage plant needs can vary widely. In some cases, you may require shelving, pallet racks, cabinets for secure keeping, or even display cases for a retail front. Western Storage and Handling and our partner, industry leader The Borroughs Corporation, have everything you need.

Wire Shelving

The old standby. Nothing beats wire shelving for construction, durability and customization. Do it correctly and your space is securely maximized. Let Western Storage and Handling help you choose the right wire shelving for your commercial cannabis business. We’re familiar with all the options available and can make sure installation is flawless.

Storage Cabinets

Whether you need up front stowing for your retail space or behind-the-scenes storage of finished product for shipping, the possibilities are practically endless. Size, shape, materials, security, color – we’ve got it. If you know what you want, we can provide it. If you’re not sure, our experts can assist you in choosing the best options for your requirements and space.

Display Cases

Glass, acrylic, wood, metal – any shape, any size. Whether you want free-standing lockable shelves, open counter-height or anything in between – the possibilities are endless and we can supply everything you need. Work with one of our experts to help fill your retail space with cases to best store and display your inventory.

Bulk Rack Storage

Ideal for products or equipment that are not on pallets but handled manually. Shelf height is completely customizable for your easy reaching and bulk racks have the flexibility and load capacity you need.

Pallet Rack Storage

Allowing for easy access of large, pallet loads with a fork lift. Whether you need to efficiently move an entire crop or simply maximize your vertical space as much as possible, our pallet rack systems will make storing and moving product around simple.

Platform Carts

Our flatbed, platform carts are invaluable for any retail storing. Perfect when moving product of filling orders, they are ergonomically designed and easy to maneuver.

Dollies and Hand Carts

No storage facility is complete without an army of dolly carts. Forget lifting with your legs and stack up one of these instead. Western Storage and Handling carries a variety of sizes from the traditional two-wheelers to the convertible two-in-ones that go from dolly to platform in moments.