Marijuana Shelving and Rack

Designed and Installed per Facility Parameters

Western Storage and Handling and Borroughs have been working together to develop a marijuana shelving and rack system for the marijuana industry.

Marijuana Shelving and Rack

Western Storage and Handling can design and install marijuana shelving and rack systems specific to the parameters of each grow facilities. WSH utilizes a combination of steel framing with wire decks, closed steel, and/or plastic decks. The varieties of sizes and capacities are almost endless. The utilization of pallet rack components will assist in applications where heights up to 20’ are needed.

Numerous cannabis grow facilities in the Colorado area are now utilizing storage systems designed and installed by Western Storage and Handling. This experience helps clients  dealing with the complex permit requirements of municipalities. Both engineering and fire protection design enter into the storage issues on many systems. As a leader in this industry for the past few years Western Storage and Handling can provide assistance with all aspects of the design and installation of these cannabis storage systems.

Commercial Cannabis/Marijuana Growing and Production Needs

With our decades of experience in industrial shelving and storage, combined with our recent work specifically in the commercial marijuana/cannabis growing industry, we are confident we can meet all of your needs – even if you aren’t sure exactly what those needs are.

WSH works closely with the Borroughs Corporation – a name synonymous with quality throughout the storage products industry since 1938. Together we have created storage and shelving systems for the marijuana growing industry for the last several years. We recommend our combination of steel framing with wire decks, closed steel and/or plastic decks designed to custom fit your space. Light management, HVAC, irrigation, drainage and fertigation systems will also need to be supported by your storage equipment – we know exactly how to do this. Western Storage and Handling is also experienced in dealing with the complex permit requirements set by local municipalities.