Hospital Has Emergency Space Issue

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Double Tier Laminated Lockers designed to fit in an existing room

A Colorado Hospital needed more space in the male and female doctor’s locker rooms but was unable to increase the size of the rooms. Also, there were no other rooms available to relocate these locker rooms. Because all of the existing lockers had been assigned to the staff, an increase in the number of doctors by 15% meant there were not going to be lockers available for the new staff.
Western Storage and Handling’s locker experts came up with a solution. The existing 12″ wide lockers could be removed and new 10″ wide lockers could be installed to increase the number of opennings within the same footprint to accomodate the new staff.
Because this is an operating hospital the installation had to occur during non- surgery hours over the weekend. The WSH installation crew worked 28 hours straight starting on Friday night and completed the project within the target time frame.

The doctors all ended up with individual locker opennings, a cubby for footwear, and a changing bench. Give the experts at WSH a call to assist you with your space challenges.