Clyfford Still Museum Pflow Lift

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On November 17, 2011, the new Clyfford Still Museum will open in Denver, Colorado.

Did you ever wonder how they are going to move those massive, expensive, paintings safely to the upper level of the museum? Leave the complicated applications to the experts at Western Storage and Handling.

The original museum design called for a large platform scissors lift that would be mounted in a 4′ pit. WSH suggested using a vertical reciprocating conveyor with a 14′ X 7′ platform. This lift was manufactured by Pflow Industries in Wisconsin. This lift has a capacity of 3,000 lbs., a vertical lift of approximately 14′, and required a pit of only 6″. Paintings are loaded and unloaded using a cart.
The access doors are 11′ wide by 12′ high to allow the largest paintings safe access to the lift.

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