Industrial Shelving Systems

Top name industrial shelving equipment manufacturers

Do you find it challenging to determine the right industrial shelving systems for your application in a sea of industrial shelving options? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Western Storage and Handling (WSH) with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs can help you find the right shelving solution for your application.

Industrial Shelving

Clip Steel Shelving

Industrial clip steel shelving

Industrial clip steel shelving is ideal for small to medium parts storage. WSH basic clip steel shelving systems are configured from posts, shelves and compression clips and are enhanced with bins, boxes, dividers and drawers to maximize available space and create efficient storage solutions. Contact us for complete specifications.

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Record and archive storage shelving

Is your facility or operation drowning in a sea of records? If you need to store the previous year’s records in ‘records boxes’, open files, or disk storage and have a limited amount of space, we can help with a wide variety of record and archive storage shelving. Depending on your needs, WSH can show you the most effective way to store your records. For example, if you need to convert an area of your warehouse or designate an area in your office, we will work with you to determine the right type of record and archive shelving to use. Record and archive shelving is industrial steel shelving or bulk shelving sized to match the product that is stored. It can be installed on aisle saving mobile carriages to save space.

Record and Archive Shelving

Marijuana Shelving System

Marijuana/Cannabis Shelving and Storage Racks

Western Storage and Handling has been supplying and installing shelving systems to the marijuana growing industry for a few years now. Our experts will help you with the planning phase and we will design and install the shelving and/or any environmental equipment to meet your specific needs in a timely manner. WSH has teamed up with Borroughs Corp, one of the largest suppliers of storage shelving in the USA. Together our engineers and theirs have designed shelving and pallet racks just for the marijuana/cannabis growing facilities. WHS will make sure all installations will meet state and municipality codes. Our policy at Western Storage and Handling is to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied.


Rivet style bulk steel frame shelving allows wider spans and heavier capacities and allows you to use decks of wood, steel, and wire, which will become the storage surface. Rivet style bulk shelving is usually higher capacity and more economical than steel shelving.

Rivet Steel Shelving

Automotive parts shelving

Automotive dealership shelving usually requires a variety of industrial shelving, modular drawers, and bulk shelving to accommodate the wide variety of parts to be stored.

Automotive Parts Shelving

Aisle saving shelving

For slower moving parts or records that are stored, aisle saving carriages can be used to maximize the amount of parts stored in a given space. All of these shelving types come in a wide range of colors.


Aisle Saving Shelving
Other industrial storage configurations

WSH has installed a wide range of record and archive storage, automotive dealership shelving, industrial shelving, and aisle saving shelving systems across Colorado and Wyoming. We welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

Top name material handling equipment manufacturers

We carry a wide range of products from top name material handling equipment manufacturers such as:

  • Borroughs Storage Products
  • StongHold Cabinets
  • Lista
  • Securit Products
  • Lyon Work Space Products
  • Durham Storage Products
  • Record Master Filing Systems

WSH has relationships with the best manufacturers in the material handling industry, which ensures that our storage solutions will provide you with outstanding service – the first time and every time.